MEN's UNDERWEAR Galeb men's collection consists of three lines: Galeb - basic collection, Adriatic - underwear and outer clothing and Glb - modern line aimed at younger buyers . Men's assortment includes boxer shorts, 3/4 leg underpants, long pants and...more
FOR STYLISH MEN Energie collection fall/winter 2008 is intended for young, fashion conscious and open-minded men, that are not afraid of discovering and showing their own style. In achieving this, the main role has denim, but also some new fabrics,...more
SEASONAL TREND Comfortable, authentic and natural - men's surfer style jewelry is in vogue. The advantage: even those guys that have never been on a surfboard, with a shell-necklace around their neck, seem to have surfed one or the other wave on...more
KIDS' FASHION In addition to clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women, Diesel's offer also includes a wide range of jeans products, clothing and accessories for kids. To parents and children who want to be modern, trendy and in style,...more
FALL/WINTER 2008/09 Iana is a renowned Italian brand that offers babies', girls', boys' and maternity clothes. Their assortment includes perfectly designed sleepwear, trousers, jackets, tops, dresses and sweaters made of natural, high-quality materials ....more
DESIGNER HOTELS Boutique hotel is a term used to describe intimate, luxurious and comfortable atmosphere. Beside unique design dedicated to details, boutique hotels include a wide range of amenities and exclusive services. One of these hotels, called...more
TREND DECOR Eijffinger presents modern and romantic photo-wallpaper collection and proves that designs can be very large: Wallpower covers the entire wall with one design! New in this collection is the use of multiple pictures, combined with song...more
EMPEROR HOTEL BEIJING Modern architecture delivers new trends in luxury hotels and interior arrangement - minimalist elements, combined with traditional construction and decoration. We present you an example of such construction and interior design from...more